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Providing state registered and certified home inspector services to the Black Hills Region of SD and WY. We are locally owned and operated.

Three Main Areas we Inspect!


1We will look at landscaping for proper drainage. Record the conditions of the sidewalks and driveways, decks and porches.


2All aspects of the exterior of the structure will be visually inspected. Siding, sofits, fascia, trim , windows, doors, storms and screens are just some of the basics. Roofing and visible utility connections are also checked.


3There are a lot of things to inspect inside a structure and we look at it all from heating and cooling to plumbing and everything in between. Every room to include basements, attics*, crawl spaces* and garages are inspected. verify carbon monoxide levels, check for gas leaks, and ensure that overall there is no major safety issues. *There are safety concerns that may make entering certain attics or crawlspaces impossible due to size of opening or height of space.